Dear Friends and Readers,,

     As our national corruption grows daily more odiferous, the need for Narration feels keener. Without quite noticing, we can die of our protective indifference. Let’s not numb ourselves. Blessed is anyone still living an ethical life—anyone trying to forge a credible story from this treasonous mess.

     Some good news finds me this summer.  I will read brand-new work aloud at Skidmore and Sewanee.  The North Carolina Writer’s Network will devote its July 28-29th confab to my fiction, and right in my  hometown, Rocky Mount, NC.

     Bob Weil, the gifted editor of my “Local Souls,” has just purchased my next novel for Liveright-Norton.  Long in gestation, scheduled for 2019, it is “The Erotic History of a Country Baptist Church.”  My subsequent book of stories will appear in 2020. I now call it “Just One Damn Thing After Another.” The volume will include recent tales and familiar if uncollected stories like “He’s at the Office,” “My Heart Is A Snakefarm,” “Fetch,” and “A Fool for Christmas.”

     Blessings on your literate life, your unimpeachable standards. I’m counting on your hope. This, too, will pass. Meanwhile, let’s keep reading each other alive.

Ever, Allan