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‘Local Souls’ Reviewed in the Miami Herald

Allan Gurganus, the fearfully gifted Southern writer, has not been idle over the past 10 years; he’s simply in no rush to get his fiction to press. “Some people publish a book a year,” he notes on his website. “I consider that about as unseemly as having a baby every ten months.”

Obviously, his sense of humor remains intact, as does his insistence on marching to his own delightfully idiosyncratic bugle corps. The author of Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, lauded as a masterpiece, and the sublime story collection White People, now brings us Local Souls, his collection of three novellas set in the small town of Falls, N.C. (also the hometown in Oldest Living Confederate Widow). While geography glues these three tales together, even more binding are the themes of parents and children and the ever-present specter of death.

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